Women in Trouble

You might imagine it's only the men getting themselves in trouble through the masturbatory arts. But just as there are dozens of ways to succeed at female masturbation, there are countless ways things can go oh so wrong.

Pencil Pusher

A 264-pound woman presented herself at a German hospital with an usual problem. Not only did she have two pencils (measuring 7 and 8.5 cm) floating free in her bladder, she was the one who put them there. You see, she enjoyed the esoteric pleasure of inserting pencils into her urethra, and she had an unfortunate tendency to push things a bit too far. Five years earlier, in fact, she had three pencils removed through surgery. This time around, though, the clever doctors used a much less invasive procedure.

Source: The Journal of Urology, 157:1842, May 1997

Getting a Stranglehold

When this woman was found dead in her bathroom with rope around her neck and hands, the police didn't know what to make of it. No forced entry, her boyfriend passed a lie detector test, and her hands weren't actually tied together. Interestingly, though, a metal bolt was found under her buttocks. Careful investigation suggested that she was masturbating with the bolt while strangulating herself with the rope. She probably fell unconscious, banging her head against the bathtub, and died, suffocating on her own vomit.

Source: The American Journal Of Forensic Medicine and Pathology, 117-121, June 1980

How'd That Get There?

Doing a routine pregnancy ultrasound, doctors discovered an object floating in the bladder of a thirty-year-old Saudi woman. Using grasping forceps, they retrieved the cover of a fountain pen. She denied having any idea of how it might have got in there...

Source: East African Medical Journal, August 1997